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Aluminum is one of the most used metals in the world. The raw material of many products used today is this element. Many industries prefer these in many compounds and alloys. It is not a substance that is difficult to have their features as well as a reserve in many places.

Aluminum usage areas are too much to be counted. Used in many products such as windows, cars or ornaments. The reasons for her so much preferred are flexible, soft and also durable. It is often preferred when considering the price. It is the most used material after iron in every sector.

We serve the leading companies of the global flat aluminum industry with our polyurethane, rubber and chrome cylinder coatings.

metal industries
bridle rolls

Our Coating Properties

*Excellent chemical resistance (acid, alkali, solvent etc.)
*High mechanical strength (rupture, abrasion, flexibility, tear)
*Very good stripping and squeezing performance

Coated Rollers

  1. Paint rollers
  2. Briedle rollers
  3. Seperator roller
  4. Coarse and thin slitting rolls
  5. Ironing rollers
  6. S block roller
  7. Deflector roller

applicator roll

Metal Industries

Metal industries are increasing their fields every time. With the acceleration of technological developments, metal was needed more. However, at some points this becomes a disadvantage. Because of this reason, the amount of waste has increased at a parallel rate.

Metal industries are one of the busiest industrial sectors in the world. The presence of heavy materials in the water used here can lead to danger if not carefully.  It should be noted that water and wastewater management is especially important for operation in the iron and steel industry and mining.

Bridle Roll

Bridle roll, the main function varies according to the difference of strip tension. However, this tool is important equipment on continuous annealing to divide the cylinder line into a few parts and control the strip tension.

Since the quality of the strip and naturally affects the result on the product, bridle roll should be carefully designed in the textile sector.

Applicator Roll

Applicator roll is a coating technology in the textile industry. It is the covering of the fabric with horizontal and vertical movements and the covering of other side materials. As with each of the mechanisms, this part performs an important part of the work.

Rolls are mounted horizontally on the machine. Thanks to applicator roll, it can make sagging compensation while providing single and double sided application.

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