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Silindir İmalatı

Cylinder manufacturing is vital given its purpose. Hydraulic cylinders, also known as linear motors, are hydraulic equipment that converts the hydraulic energy of the fluid into mechanical energy. A large hydraulic power is needed for such a cylinder to show its power. In fact, when you look at it, everything is more complicated than cylinder manufacturing.

Precision Roller

Precision roller offers superior performance than other alternatives. It has the largest range of sectors in the sensitive mechanical industry, designed for special and intensive working conditions. These products offer high resistance to high performance and wear.

Precision roller is resistant to high temperatures and are likely to remove less noise in contrast to other machines. Of course, this depends on the quality of the machine used. Hardened and tempered special degrees to achieve maximum mechanical resistance.

Pression Roller

Pression roller are used in many sectors. Compared to other cylinders, it does even the most difficult work with great care. Among its strengths is that it minimizes the error that may occur on the surface.

It can do everything with features such as concentricity. Pression roller must be toned, coated or processed very carefully. It gives successful results on sensitive applications such as engraving or embossing.

Shrinking Solution

Shrinking solution are applications such as pressure shrinking, resin treatments and heat adjustment on control processes. The main tasks of this process are: it is applied to reduce the stretching of the fabric during compression, loosening or weaving processes. It is the process of shrinking cotton mixtures to make them more useful and high quality.

Shrinking solution first moisturizes and then dries to remove distortions and tensions on the fabric. The number of yarns is increased even more, ensuring that it is durable. In this way, the fabrics are more perfect and soft. For this, some water is sprayed into the fabric and pressure is applied with a cylinder of high heat.

Industrial Rollers

Industrial rollers are designed with the conditions under which they will work when performing. Temperature, pressure, friction intensity and for what purpose it is used are important. That's why it's thought through to the finest detail. Especially the substances of the colors used should be stable and should not give color on fiber.

Industrial rollers each have their own characteristics. Its structure, weight, materials used in the construction vary. It is easy to get the desired product with the best roll. Roll coating is one of the important stages to achieve the perfect result.

Printing Press Roller

Printing press roller is a widely used printing technique. Since these cylinders are able to detect the correct point very well, they do not allow the ink to go outside the specified point. Since it can also maintain moisture balance, dah makes little swelling and pull.

Printing press roller allows a design to be made without allowing ink to contaminate the surface. It is often preferred in the textile industry thanks to its excellent determination of size, chemical resistance and high quality printing techniques.

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