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Paper Industrie

Quality cylinders are produced in the paper industry. With the rubber and polyurethane analysis developed for paper main machines and recycling paper machines, long-term working is guaranteed at high speeds and forces. Technological developments are constantly followed to increase efficiency in paper machines and to push the limits in coatings.

In addition, operational costs are reduced with our solutions for on-site coating, on-site grinding and on-site balancing. It is ensured that the part works at the highest performance between maintenance periods with high level of wear resistance in a way that it has a maximum working life. Paper machines and cylinders are made in manufacturing workshops with high precision and low tolerance so that they are ready to use with all their components.

With our rubber and polyurethane analyzes we have developed for paper main machines and recycling paper machines, we guarantee long-term operation at high speeds and forces.

Some Cylinders Produced in the Paper Industry

The separator rollers produced for the paper industry are ideal in working environments that require high abrasion and high heat resistance. Certain segments can be produced from desired metal alloys, and the entire surface can be coated with chrome or special ceramics or carbides to provide corrosion protection. The opening rollers we produce can be used in many paper, napkin, cardboard and pulp drying processes such as shaping, press section, calenders, coating stations, gluing press, rolls and wrappers.

  • Embossing roller
  • Lamination roller
  • Marriage waltz
  • Felt conveying roller
  • Delivery waltz
  • Buffer roller
  • Blind hole roller
  • Siphon roller
  • Press roller
  • Expander openers
paper industrie

Some Cylinders We Produced in Paper Industry:

  1. Gofraj roller
  2. Lamination roller
  3. Marriage roller
  4. Felt conveying roller
  5. Pleasure Roller
  6. Buffer roller
  7. Blind hole roller
  8. Siphon roller
  9. Press roller
  10. Expander openers

The Importance of Paper Industry Service

In-house laboratories are equipped to ensure quality control during production processes. In addition, the demands of the users are fully met with the equipment and experience that will measure the dynamic, mechanical, thermal, chemical and surface properties of the coatings. The inter-roller coating adhesion strength is optimized in dry and wet working environments.

Last and most importantly, Strict industry standards and regulations are studied. The coating method we offer to reduce operating costs and increase energy efficiency provides significant benefits, especially in reducing operational costs and maintenance costs. These benefits; Noticeable decreases in paper adhesion, decrease in paper tearing rate, decrease in particle adhesion, better heat conduction compared to surfaces with adhesion in the current situation, less felt wear.


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