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Polyurethane, which is a polymer, is formed by the organic compounds. This is to come together thanks to the development of urethane bond. In this way, the polyurethane substance occurs. Polyurethane is a substance used in all aspects of our life. There are many polyurethane types. Some of them are quite durable to the heat and almost no melt.

Polyurethane enters the class of sponges in a form of complex structure. Can be found flexible and hard. The flexible state is more in the items used in the houses. The rigid state is used in areas that require hard surface coating. For example; The steering in cars is a good example of hard polyurethane coating.

Polyurethane Rollers

In any case, they protect the solids. These are called thermosetting. It is also found in the hot environment. These are called thermoplastic. Polyurethane in the daily life is in the form of foam in general. The name of the polyurethane rollers is often heard much more often next to foams. Therefore, the sale of polyurethane foam is started.

It is greatly preferred in the repairs of the polyurethane rollers, boat and yachts with respect to the water. The reason for the use of dry food warehouses is that it has a moisture-proof feature. In this way, the food prevents disruptions by ensuring that they remain in a moisture-free area. In the fields of building, it comes out with window and door assemblies. Because space is an ideal material to fill.

Polyurethane Rubber Roller

Polyurethane rubber roller are highly resistant to chemicals. Used in the covering of almost every area. Both heat, both water and moisture resistance makes the polyurethane so useful. Polyurethane is separated in a very difficult manner when a metal or steel is covered. Polyurethane coating can be made to aluminum surfaces. The features are:

  • Flawless chemical durability
  • Maximum economy
  • A long-lasting time period
  • High abrasion strength
  • Very good tightening performance
  • High Rearing and Cutting Resistance

At the same time, polyurethane rubber roller can also be applied on casting ingredients. Before starting the polyurethane, the area or ground to be covered must be clean. This field is required to clean with a warm water. After cleaning, it must be cared for the dryness of the area. In the polyurethane coat, the spraying technique is the most preferred method.

Polyurethane Roller

One of the most important features of polyurethane roller is to last longer. Although the sector is largely changes, the average rubber cylinder is based on about 1000 hours.

  • They can fulfill their functions solidly over many years. Working times can find 4000 hours.
  • Other rubber and plastic cylinders used in the food industry are not used due to harmful substances. Therefore prohibited. The use of these roles in terms of health is appropriate and smooth.
  • It is not easily malfunctioning because they are durable. Designed in accordance with all adverse possibilities. In which cases of the manufacturers will face the malfunctions, precautions were determined accordingly. In this way, there is no need to be treated frequently.
  • Are efficiency. It gives you much more than you expect in a short time. This allows you to turn time into money.
  • Again has different advantages of rubber cylinders. Polyurethane rollers aren’t forced to bend substances such as wood and glass. It can easily grasp these objects because it is grooved.

Polyurethane coating is used more in construction and building sectors. This material is frequently preferred by providing the thermal insulation very well. Polyurethane foam is first preferred materials in filling the gap. This material will always continue to be preferred in the construction and building sector.

Polyurethane coating is made with 3 different methods with the latest technology casting machines in our factories.


Types of Poyurethane Coating

  1. PUA (Co-pur)
  2. HPPU (High-pur)
  3. DW-BYR (Re-pur)
  4. PU-E (Sol-pur)
  5. Td-S (Appur)

Sertlik aralığı: 45 ShA - 95 ShA Üretim kapasitesi: Ø2000 x 10000 mm


Our Polyurethane Coating Capabilities
  1. Chemical resistance
  2. Economic pricing
  3. Long lasting duration
  4. High wear resistance
  5. High squeezing performance
  6. High tear and cut resistance
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