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Steel Industry

It is used in the iron and steel, stainless steel industry. It is also frequently used in rubber, polyurethane and composite coating processes. Therefore, the quality of the coating and manufacturing processes increases immensely. Excellent chemical resistance is provided in the coating process. In addition, by providing high mechanical strength, situations such as rupture, abrasion, flexibility and tearing are prevented.

It is also very efficient in terms of stripping and squeezing performance. The coatings made in the steel industry are resistant to chemicals such as acid, alkali and solvent. Quality standards are constantly applied with a professional team, and production continues increasingly without sacrificing quality.

Our rubber, polyurethane and composite coatings are used in many areas in the production of iron steel and stainless steel. With our coating and manufacturing; We promise that we will always increase your quality and minimize our costs.

Steel Industry

Main Rollers for Coating

Coating quality not only increases the quality in production, but also is a factor that increases the production speed. Therefore, great importance is attached to research and laboratory studies in roller coatings. The main rollers that are coated are as follows;

  • Paint line, paint application and passivation rollers
  • High tension rolls
  • Galvanizing line scraper rolls
  • Idle rollers
  • EMG ( routing rollers )
  • Pickling line scraper rolls
 pinch roll

Our Coating Properties

*Excellent chemical resistance (acid, alkali, solvent etc.)
*High mechanical strength (rupture, abrasion, flexibility, tear)
*Very good stripping and squeezing performance

Our coatings

  1. Excellent chemical resistance (acidic, alkaline, solvent)
  2. High wear resistance
  3. Very good spinning performance
  4. High tear and cut resistance

bridle roll


Major Rollers We Coated

  1. Paint line paint application and passivation rollers
  2. High tension rolls
  3. Galvanizing line scraper rolls
  4. Idle rollers
  5. EMG (routing rollers)
  6. Pickling line scraper rolls

High Quality Steel Industry Services

All services provided in the field of steel industry are carried out at high quality standards. In addition, costs are kept to a minimum and are made suitable for the budget of all users. The coatings made are highly resistant to oils and concentrated acid solutions. In accordance with the ambient temperature, its abrasion and tensile strength is at the maximum level.

In addition, it can be applied as abrasion resistant, resistant to pressure, impact, fatigue, resistant to hydroxide solvents, oil resistant and antistatic. In today's conditions, it operates with expert personnel and professional production awareness. Investments are made in knowledge, education and research, knowledge and technology-based production is developed, and productivity increase is emphasized.

In addition to chemical tests such as oil analysis, ash determination, aging tests, mechanical tests such as elasticity, hardness, wear, rupture, elongation and tear tests are also performed. These tests are very important in order to simulate the durability behavior under conditions such as load, impact, temperature, wear and fatigue in advance and to determine the material structure accordingly in order to achieve the desired properties.

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