We focus on providing our partners with the latest technologies and innovative solutions for a sustainable textile industry for the future.

Research and development is one of the cornerstones of our company’s vision to be innovative and competitive. For this reason, we are constantly working on the discovery of new technologies and industrial innovations. Our research and development activities aim to increase customer satisfaction, maximize efficiency and maintain our leading position in the industry.

As Polteks Makina, we have an innovation center that closely follows the latest technological developments in the sector. Here, we ensure that new ideas, products and solutions emerge through extensive research and experimentation. Our innovation center enables us to continuously improve our machine designs and production processes to meet customer demands.

Machine Design and Development

Our expert engineers work on the design and development of innovative machines needed in the textile industry. We produce user-friendly, high-performance and reliable machines to meet the needs of our customers and provide a competitive advantage. Our machine design and development process aims to exceed industry standards by utilizing the latest technologies.

Efficiency and Performance Optimization

We continuously work to optimize the efficiency and performance of our machines. We use innovative methods, automation systems and advanced technologies such as data analytics to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Thus, we offer our customers higher production capacity, energy savings and production continuity.

Materials and Processing Technologies Research

Our company carries out important studies on the research of materials and processing techniques used in textile machinery. Research on the integration of new materials and processing techniques into textile machinery aims to improve the quality, durability and performance of our products.

Automation and Digitalization Studies

Automation and digitalization in the textile industry play an important role in providing efficiency, flexibility and competitive advantage. Therefore, we support digital transformation in textile machinery using advanced technologies such as automation systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT. Our automation and digitalization efforts aim to optimize production processes, reduce errors and provide greater flexibility in production.

Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly Innovations

As Polteks Makina, we are committed to environmentally friendly production and sustainability principles. Our research and development activities focus on innovative solutions focused on environmental awareness and energy efficiency. We are constantly making improvements in areas such as the use of recyclable materials, the development of energy-saving systems and waste management.

R&D Center

We focus on providing our partners with the latest technologies and innovative solutions for a sustainable textile industry for the future.

  • Machine Design and Development
  • Efficiency and Performance Optimization
  • Materials and Processing Technologies Research
  • Automation and Digitalization Studies
  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Innovations