Polyurethane Cylinder Coating

It is a coating that can be applied on concrete and steel surfaces. This coating is very easy to clean and does not yellow. In short, it is referred to as PU. It provides a solid protection as it has a very high resistance to abrasion. It is frequently used in sectors such as construction […]

It is a coating that can be applied on concrete and steel surfaces. This coating is very easy to clean and does not yellow. In short, it is referred to as PU. It provides a solid protection as it has a very high resistance to abrasion. It is frequently used in sectors such as construction and industry. It is highly preferred in recent years because it is a durable material. Polyurethane coating is also referred to as a carbon type.

This material, which is also used for insulation, does not cause heat loss. Thanks to its heat retention feature, it takes a very long time to cool down again. Therefore, it is frequently used in areas where winter is harsh. At the same time, polyurethane coating does not slip. Therefore, it shows resistance to abrasion. In addition, being a flexible substance increases its durability. It can be laid on the ground in a ready-made way, and coating can also be done by spraying.

Polyurethane belongs to the class of sponges with a kind of complex structure. It can be found in flexible and rigid form. Its flexible form is mostly used in household items. Its hard form is used in areas that require hard surface coating. For example; the steering wheel in cars is a good example of a hard polyurethane coating.

In our factories, polyurethane coating is made with 3 different methods with the latest technology casting machines.

Polyurethane Coating Types

  1. PUA (Co-pur)
  2. HPPU (High-pur)
  3. DW-BYR (Re-pur)
  4. PU-E (Sol-pur)
  5. Td-S (Appur)

Hardness range: 45 ShA – 95 ShAProduction capacity: Ø2000 x 10000 mm

Polyurethane Coating Capabilities

  1. Excellent chemical resistance
  2. Maximum cost-effectiveness
  3. A long-lasting period of use
  4. High abrasion resistance
  5. Very good spin performance
  6. High tear and cut resistance

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane, a polymer, is formed by the combination of organic compounds. This coming together takes place thanks to the formation of a urethane bond. In this way, polyurethane material emerges. What is polyurethane? People who ask the question are very surprised when they learn the answer. Because polyurethane is a substance used in every aspect of our lives. There are many types of polyurethane. Some of them are highly heat resistant and almost never melt.

In any case, they retain their solid state. These are called thermosetting. There is also a type that melts in a hot environment. These are called thermoplastics. Polyurethane, which we encounter in daily life, is generally in foam form. The name polyurethane is usually heard much more often next to foams. Therefore, it has started to be sold in the form of polyurethane foam.

What is Polyurethane Coating?

Polyurethane coating is highly resistant to chemicals. What is polyurethane coating? The answer to the question is actually all around us every moment. This special substance is used in the coating of almost every area. Its resistance to both heat, water and moisture makes polyurethane so useful. When polyurethane is coated on a metal or steel material, it is very difficult to separate. Polyurethane coating can be applied even on aluminum surfaces.

At the same time, polyurethane coating can be easily applied on cast materials. Before starting the coating of polyurethane, the area or floor to be coated must be absolutely clean. This area should be cleaned with warm water. After cleaning, attention should be paid to the dryness of the area. In polyurethane coating, spraying technique is the most preferred method.

How is Polyurethane Coating Applied?

Polyurethane foam coating, which has a special equipment, is made with high pressure application. How is polyurethane coating made? The question and application process is quite curious. It is possible to answer this question as “with a mobile system in which the entire machine system is controlled”. Professional personnel start the coating process using this system. The sprayed polyurethane interacts instantly and fully with the sprayed area.

Since a high pressure system is used, there is no empty space in the area in any way. Polyurethane can increase up to many times its own size. This makes it ideal for covering large areas. Since it provides complete adhesion to all coating areas, it is an excellent insulation tool. If polyurethane is to be applied in the form of rigid foam, the floor must be dry, oil-free and clean. The best adhesion efficiency can be obtained in this way.

Polyurethane Coating Used Areas

Polyurethane coating is mostly used in the construction and building sector. This material is frequently preferred because it provides very good thermal insulation. Polyurethane foam is one of the first preferred materials for gap filling. This material, which provides sound insulation very well, will always continue to be preferred in the construction and building sector.

Polyurethane foams are airtight. In the event of a fire, it is a substance that greatly helps the fire to progress. Polyurethanes maintain their resistance during a fire because they have heat-proof properties. With its airtight feature, it does not allow the passage of fumes.

The areas where polyurethane coating is used are quite high. In fact, it is constantly encountered everywhere. This special material is found in the beds we sleep in, the steering wheels and seats of the vehicles we use. Due to its resistance and durability, the solid state of this foam material was utilized in the sofas at home.

Polyurethane, which is highly resistant to water, is widely preferred in the repair of boats and yachts. The reason why it is used in the construction of dry food storages is that it has a moisture-proof feature. In this way, it prevents food spoilage by keeping them in a moisture-free area. It is encountered in building areas with window and door assemblies. Because it is an ideal material for filling gaps.

Even the dish sponge we use in our homes is made of polyurethane material. Its use in the industrial field is also quite high. It connects the tiles on the roofs with each other. The reason for this is that it allows external connections to be made in a robust manner because it does not pass air and water. Because polyurethane coating is a substance that can resist harsh weather conditions.

Polyurethane Wheel Coating Polyurethane, a material with high resistance to chemicals, has an effective usage feature in the field of coating. In this context, polyurethane wheel coating applications are also frequently on the agenda. Polyurethane cylinder coating applications are also among the favorite applications of recent times. What is polyurethane at this point? The answer to the question is also curious. What is polyurethane coating again? How is polyurethane coating done? The answer to questions in the style is also frequently asked. Here are the clearest answers to such questions!

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