Non Woven

Soğuk boyama hizmeti sunan pad batch makinesi, atölyeler de ve fabrikalar da sıklıkla kullanılır.

Non Woven
Soğuk boyama hizmeti sunan pad batch makinesi, atölyeler de ve fabrikalar da sıklıkla kullanılır.

The machine, which is generally preferred in the textile sector, is useful and functional. Pad batch method is made according to the size of the impregnation method. That is, by adjusting the dyestuff solution of a fabric, it is made according to the scope of the impregnation method. As a result, pad batch is a dyeing method that provides service with dissolving and squeezing functions.

Within the scope of pad batch processes, the flord machine used for impregnation is used first. Fabrics impregnated for fineness in the flord machine pass through functional machines such as washing and fixing machines. After the fabrics are absorbed and washed in these machines, the washing and absorption processes are completed. Especially in this context, the point to be considered is very important in the flirting made in the impregnation method, so care should be taken.

The fabrics, whose cleaning processes are completed in the foulard machine, are then fixed. However, the fabrics, whose washing complementary processes are also completed, are also completed in many complementary tasks. The pad batch in question is also defined as cold holding. As it can be understood from here, the pad batch system serves on cold holding within the scope of textiles.

What is Pad Batch?

Pad Batch is a machine used in the textile industry and offers cold dyeing service. The machine, which is very functional within the scope of textile, contains many features. Pad batch, which we call impregnation and cold holding, is also known as a textile printing machine. As a result, this machine ensures that all kinds of fabrics within the scope of textile are colored with cold dyeing.

Pad batch, a textile printing machine, is a highly functional machine. As it can be understood from here, it provides all kinds of cold dyeing processes in a professional way. Pad bitch, which appears as a very advanced method especially within the scope of cold dyeing, works systematically. Accordingly, it proves to be a very advantageous machine in the textile industry. Pad batch machine consists of squeezing rollers, rolik winding system and impregnation padder.

Within the scope of the pad batch machine, which is based on many systems, all processes are carried out in the order of application. In this context, firstly, the textile materials are clearly impregnated with the finishing agent of the textile materials or flottesite, which is the dyeing agent of the textile materials. Accordingly, all the impregnated materials are professionally wrapped in a sheet. The linen is covered airtight with the help of a plastic voile. Then, the covered fabric wrap needs to be rotated continuously. During this rotation process, a temperature of 20 to 30 degrees should be applied. Again, this application has to be kept for an average of 2 to 24 hours. Finally, at the end of the waiting period, the washing process continues.

Fabric Printing Machine Pad Batch Features

Fabric printing machine bad patch is a printing machine used in the textile field. This machine, which offers cold dye function, can also be called a cold holding machine. The pad batch machine, which comes up with another impregnation method, is a very special machine. We can say that it is a printing machine that is technologically advanced and offers good service accordingly.

The fabric printing machine is built around an impregnation padder, squeezing cylinders and a rolik winding device. As can be understood from this, it is a very systematic printing machine. Especially because it is built on an advanced system, it will provide a very healthy and professional service to textile workshops. The pad batch system also provides advanced service within the scope of various finishing machines.

What is Textile Printing Machine?

Textile printing machine, as the name suggests, is a kind of printing machine used in the textile field. The machine, which appears under many names such as textile materials, cylinders, is frequently used in the textile field. We can say that it is an indispensable machine especially in textile workshops. In this context, textile printing machine is a machine used in every textile workshops and factories.

Textile printing machine, also known as pad batch, offers cold dyeing service. The machine, which applies cold dye printing to all fabrics within the scope of textile, is also produced in very high quality. Especially since it is a very important printing machine, it is also important to be functional. Accordingly, the pad batch, which is also very functional, is the attractive machine of the technology world.

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