Kalender Nippo, one of the textile machines, has been produced to improve the finishing processes on the fabric.

Tekstil makinalarından olan Kalender Nippo kumaş üzerinde son yapılan işlemleri geliştirmek için üretilmiştir.

Such machines are of great importance in the growing textile sector. The Nippo machine aims to improve fabric quality and increase productivity. The machine improves these features by processing the fabric. The machine, which is produced in two different ways, is produced at the request of the customer. It has two different options produced with inflatable cylinders and classical way.

The machine is used in a wide and varied way in the textile industry. It is widely used from normal daily clothing products to parachute fabrics. We can say that it is used in very different sectors such as denim fabrics and filter fabrics. While the fabrics are used entirely for daily wear, filter fabrics are produced for industry. We can say that the machine, which works very efficiently, serves many different sectors.

The machine, which stands out as a calender machine, can process many different fabrics. The machine, which can work on different fabrics, serves many different sectors. The machine, which is produced with laboratory studies, is organized according to the customer and produced in a state-of-the-art technology. The machine, which increases the quality, can also process on very durable fabrics. In this way, the machine can also find its place in the textile industry produced for safety. The calender machine can work very effectively in terms of efficiency and versatility.

What is Kalender Nippo?

Kalender Nippo, which is a calender machine, can be used in many sectors with its high efficiency and high-level technology. The machine, which finds a place among the textile sector and textile sub-sectors, can be produced in different ways. The machine, which is used to increase quality, also increases productivity to a high degree. The machine, which can work on durable fabrics, can also work on parachute fabrics. Nippo, which draws attention with its versatility among calender machines, can be customized according to customer request. The machine, which can be produced with two different options, is produced according to customer request.

There are many different equipment in the machine. These include a metal detector and an automatic seam control system. The machine also has a heating system that can work in different ways. The steam system, which can heat electrically, dry or oily, can process the fabric. With additional equipment such as an edge gripper system, the machine can work very efficiently. Many different equipment works stably inside. The sensitive tension winding system allows processing without damaging the fabric. At the same time, the static charge accumulated on the fabric is discharged with the static electricity receiver system. The effect system using rubber blanket can work differently on textile materials.

Where is Kalender Nippo Used?

Kalender Nippo is a versatile machine that can process almost all textile materials. The sectors used include textile and textile sub-sectors. More differently, we can say that it can work on safety fabrics and parachute fabric. Nippo can find its place in many sectors thanks to its different equipment.

Its ability to process different fabrics makes it usable in many sectors. The machine can also work on everyday textiles such as denim fabrics and shirt fabrics. You can also choose the Nippo machine for pants, jackets and other outerwear fabrics.

The machine, which works precisely, can process different fabrics without damaging the fabric. You can come across the machine in almost all companies working on textile products. The machine, which works on increasing fabric quality with its superior efficiency, is much more advanced compared to calender machines. Equipped with all high-level technologies, you can choose the machine in many different sectors.

Technical Specifications

Maximum operating force250350450
Operating speed5-705-905-90
Maximum fabric width240040004000
Maximum operating temperature200-250200-250200-250
Polyamide cylinder typesKlasik / S-Roll / NippoKlasik / S-Roll / NippoKlasik / S-Roll / Nippo
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