Lab Kalender

These machine preferences are among the most important issues that directly affect fabric quality.

Lab Kalender
Tekstil sektöründe yapılacak işlemlerde LAB PRO gibi özel makinelerin tercih edilmesi oldukça önemlidir.

These machine preferences are among the most important issues that directly affect fabric quality. The most important issue in determining the quality of the fabric is the stages of using chemical products. These stages need to be done extremely precisely. Laboratory calender is the most widely used system in the textile industry at this point.

In order for the chemical works to be carried out on the fabric to be carried out in appropriate and required dimensions, it is necessary to use a suitable calender. It works together with special systems and structures in the calender. The calender to be preferred must be used appropriately. At this point, it is of great importance that each company works with its own special calender.

Changes may be required in the system according to the type of fabric to be processed in the calender to be used. At this point, it is necessary to analyze the fabric and chemical derivatives well. The calender can work with the use of side equipment as an auxiliary when necessary. In this way, the system keeps itself constantly updated in a developable way.

Calenders generally have two different types of cylinders. Here, it will be important to choose the right cylinder in accordance with the production system. Calenders are generally a set of systems that emerge using similar technical infrastructures. In this way, customization processes can be done much more easily afterwards. At the same time, it has a very different and wide range of fabric types. This is an important detail that increases usability.

Laboratory Calender Features

Calender generally works with cylinders. The fabric entering the system reaches the result by being processed on the rollers. The type of roller to be used here is the most important and necessary issue for the fabric. If the correct roller cannot be used, there may be situations that may damage the fabric.

The laboratory calender is based on a printing system that works simultaneously with these cylinders. This printing system is mostly hydraulic systems today. The main issue is that the printing process to be done is done homogeneously. Otherwise, printing that is not done equally everywhere will be a process that damages the fabric.

Another stage of the calenders is heating. The fabric may need to be heated for the processes it goes through and for the processes it will go through. In this case, a suitable heating process will be easily realized according to the type of fabric. Heating systems technically work in two different categories. These categories are dry or wet. The electric heating system is the last systematic part of the calender. Adding or updating operations on these parts can be easily done.

Laboratory Calender Usage Areas

When it comes to fabric processing, calenders can be used for many different types of fabrics. It is possible to perform the processes for filter fabrics carefully with calender rollers. The same rollers can also work smoothly and accurately for fabrics that require much more delicate and fine processing, such as shirt fabric. It would be the best choice to determine the number of cylinders to be preferred here according to the intended use of the calender.

Pants fabrics or outerwear fabrics can also be processed smoothly on the laboratory calender. It will be possible to get much more efficient and useful results with customizable cylinder options according to the type of business and purpose. The number of cylinders and cylinder scales can be customized according to your system. In this way, the calender can have a much more functional working system.

Calenders are also machines that can be frequently used in the reverse stages in chemical laboratories. The wide range of usage area is the most explanatory feature for the high performance of the system.

Technical Specifications

Maximum working pressure(kg/cm)300450
Working speed (m/min)3-303-30
Maximum working width(mm)300300
Maximum working temperature (C°)200-250200-250
Type of roller
Krom, Polyamid/ Chrome, Polyamid
Krom,Polyamid, Pamuk ,Kauçuk Blanket/Chrome, Polyamide, Cotton, Rubber-Blanket
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