Polteks Makina is a company operating in the textile industry since 1997. Our company, which has gained a good place in the sector in cylinder production, serves its customers with cylinders with a diameter of 2000 mm and a length capacity of 10000 mm.

Starting our machine adventure with Calender Machine, we have added various products to our product portfolio such as Pad Batch, Coating Line Calender, Crushing Calender, Squeezing Scarf, Calender with Rubber Blanket, Knitted Fabric Calender, Laboratory Calender and Special Machines. Thanks to our innovative designs and quality production, we offer our customers rollers used in various sectors (textile, iron and steel, aluminum, paper, wood, packaging, plastic, leather). We also produce Suspension Mounts for the automotive industry.

Polteks is a company that aims to be a pioneer in the sector by closely following technological developments. In our facility, which has a closed area of approximately 10.000 m2, we produce customized textile machines for the textile industry and cylinders that serve many sectors. Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, providing high quality products and continuous improvement are the basic principles of our business.

Our company is managed by a team of experienced engineers. We attach great importance to research and development activities to understand the needs of our customers, provide innovative solutions and continuously improve. By providing customized solutions to our customers, we aim to help them make their business more efficient.

As Polteks Makina, we continue to maintain our trust in the sector without compromising the principles of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. We strive to offer our customers the best products and to be a valuable partner in growing their business.

R&D Center

We focus on providing our partners with the latest technologies and innovative solutions for a sustainable textile industry for the future.

  • Machine Design and Development
  • Efficiency and Performance Optimization
  • Materials and Processing Technologies Research
  • Automation and Digitalization Studies
  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Innovations