Polteks manufactures classical and inflatable cylinder textile calenders in line with the requests of customers as a result of engineering and laboratory studies in order to improve the finishing processes in the fabric, increase productivity and quality in the rapidly developing modern textile world.

Klasik ve Şişme Silindirli Kalender

What is TOUCHE PRO Machine?

In the textile industry, the features of some machines are utilized to speed up the processes and to produce quality workmanship. Calender machine is one of these materials. This tool, which gives shine to the fabric, offers the indispensable service of the textile industry. These machines, which have an effective role in making the fabric look smoother and smoother, allow to close the gaps between the yarns. It ensures that the fabric has a smooth appearance and thus a better quality fabric is produced. The machine that enables the yarns to be compressed by combining temperature and pressures reveals successful textile activity.

There are many machines used in the textile industry. These machines play a leading role in helping people achieve success at the end of the process. In order to obtain pieces with perfect fabric quality, these machines must operate smoothly. With these machines operated by individuals who are experts in their field, you can realize a perfect textile work in your workshop. With the machines that perform the calendering process, you can allow the fabrics to shine and have a healthy appearance. In this direction, the share of the calendering process in the production of quality products is quite large.

Fabric Transition Diagram

Advantages of POLTEKS Calenders

  • Your special solution partner with cylinder arrangement suitable for product type
  • Fabric effects: shine, density, smoothness, soft touch, silky touch, lamination
  • The whole system is configured according to the user’s wishes and needs.
  • Our own technologies that can prevent the edge-middle (deflection control) difference; S-Roll, Nippol-I, Nippol-ll
  • S-Roll, NippoH, Nippol-ll, technologies that allow freedom of operation in many widths and without wear on the cylinders
  • Possibility to work without edge center difference with adjustable forces; S-Roll, Nippol-I, Nippol-Il
  • All our cylinders are completely manufactured and tested in our own facilities.
  • Dynamic and experienced service network worldwide.
  • Easily replaceable cylinder covers and applications

TOUCHE PRO Technical Specifications

Maximum working pressure(kg/cm)300350450
Working speed (m/min)5-905-905-90
Maximum working width(mm)380040004000
Maximum working temperature (C°)200-250200-250200-250
Type of polyamide rollerKlasik / S-Roll / NippolKlasik / S-Roll / NippolKlasik / S-Roll / Nippol

Sectors Used

Shirting FabricsHome Textiles (bed linen, bed sheet fabrics)
Denim FabricsPants, jackets and outerwear fabrics
Filter FabricsParachute Fabrics
R&D Center

We focus on providing our partners with the latest technologies and innovative solutions for a sustainable textile industry for the future.

  • Machine Design and Development
  • Efficiency and Performance Optimization
  • Materials and Processing Technologies Research
  • Automation and Digitalization Studies
  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Innovations