Knitted Fabric

With this machine designed in line with the sectoral needs, a new method for the knitted fabric group in shrinkage, length fixing and button adjustment
creates an option. Our machine, which is a combination of compactor and calender; to help you create differences in the sector
designed. With our special technology, blanket calendering unit, it allows you to get a unique touch.

Knitted Fabric

There are machines that can be used for many different purposes in the textile industry. In some cases, it is possible to process in a much different way by organizing some processes in the machines. This is also very valuable for textile operators. Knitted fabric calender machine is one of the most valuable machines to give examples to these processes.

With this machine designed in line with sectoral needs, it creates a new option for the knitted fabric group in shrinkage, length fixing and key adjustment. Our machine, which is a combination of compactor and calender, is designed to help you create differences in the sector. It allows you to get unique touch with our special technology, blanketed calendering unit.

Calender machine is mainly used for woven fabric processing. However, with the help of special cylinders, knitted fabric processing feature can be provided. In this way, the shrinkage rate of the fabric can also be reduced for knitted fabrics to be used. It is an extremely useful and effective machine for every sector and textile business that uses outerwear fabrics. In addition, it can also be used for fabrics to be processed on baby clothes.

Having such a wide variety and wide usage area is enough to show the value of the machine. It is quite normal to see knitted fabric machines in facilities focused on T-shirt production and other areas where these fabrics are used. The machine, which has a great share in processing special fabrics more efficiently, also carries convenience in terms of use.

Knitted Fabric Calender Machine Features

This machine, which is used in the field of textile, stands out with more than one feature. Firstly, the machine reduces the shrinkage and effect of fabrics. At the same time, there are systems that automatically perform fabric averaging thanks to the functioning parts of the machine. These systems are of high value for the production line. The machine, which works together with the fabric steaming system, also shows high performance in terms of metal detection. It works with a metal detector to detect metals and there is a detector embedded in the system.

When it comes to the features of the knitted fabric calender machine, the sensitive tension winding feature is quite striking. At the same time, the machine has an unloading system and heating systems with multiple settings. The variety of these heating systems is a very important and technical step in order to customize the use of the machine according to the fabric type and product. The machine is produced with current technologies. In this way, it is very easy to use and has a highly functional design.

Fabric Transition Diagram

What is Scarf Knitting

Scarf braids are a type of model obtained from scarf fabrics. It is possible to realize knitting design through the calender machine. The most beautiful feature of scarf knits basically comes from the use of yarn. The popularization of scarf use in the recent period has also increased the production of these products in the textile field.

Weaves are obtained by winding and processing the scarf yarns in a certain order. Processing the scarf braids one by one will be quite costly and laborious. The use of calender machines for knitting models in enterprises gives a great speed. These knitted fabrics need to be finished. These finishing processes are carried out by special steam systems.

The calender machine can serve as the most valuable assistant at this point. These processes, which accelerate the other production stages of knitted fabrics and facilitate their processing, will be very valuable in the production phase. There are very suitable and usable systems for each of the scarf knitting types. It can be passed through the calender machine appropriately using the right fabric and knitting models.

Scarf Knitting Features

There are many main reasons why braids are used. Scarf knits can offer much more special advantages. The most important features of scarf knits are actually the properties of the underlying scarf fabrics. Foulard fabrics are generally silk-based fabrics. It is a type of fabric produced using silk or silk blends. Foulard knits can be in many different colors and models.

Printing models can be made on scarf knits in a very practical way. In order to make these models, it is advantageous for the fabric and knitting to have passed through steam systems. Knitted fabric calender machine is the most used and preferred system at this point. Its interior design, which is completely designed for knitted fabrics, offers usability for scarf knits. Within the possibilities offered, all systems are available for knitted fabrics.

The system offers usability for completing all special processes of scarf knitting obtained from silk fabrics in one go. At the same time, special functions can be used on the machine to ensure the use for knitting models. It is extremely possible to increase efficiency with the functions to be used according to preferences.

Touche-Knit-Pro Advantages

  • Egalized chain unit
  • Precise tension system for fabric control
  • Different touch gain with different transition combinations
  • Desired moisture gain with evaporation system
  • Metal detector
  • Calender unit
  • Rubber blanket unit
  • Clay felt touch and shrinkage unit
  • Fabric rolik winding unit at the outlet
  • Edge cutting and starching units
  • All our cylinders are completely manufactured and tested in our own facilities.
  • Dynamic and experienced service network worldwide.
  • Easily replaceable cylinder covers and applications

Sectors Used

Knitted FabricsBaby Clothing Fabrics
Outerwear FabricsT-shirt Fabrics

Technical Specifications

                                                                                               DELUXE BLN KNT
Maximum working pressure(kg/cm) 125
Working speed (m/min)5-40
Maximum working width(mm)3600
Maximum working temperature (C°)200-250
Type of rubber rollerKlasik / S-Roll / Nippol
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