Expander Cylinder

Expander cylinder materials are also effective in realizing the desired operation of the machines.

Expander Cylinder
Ekspander silindir malzemeleri de makinelerin istenilen işlemi gerçekleştirmesinde etkili olur.

The factory, which has gained an important place in our lives since the industrial revolution, ensures that mass production is carried out smoothly. A number of machines are used in order to avoid disruptions in the production line and to respond to demands. Especially the textile sector is one of the areas where machinery and tools are frequently used. Expander cylinder materials are also effective in performing the desired operation of the machines.

These cylinders provide the calendering process to remove wrinkles in the fabrics. The rollers in the calendering machine are effective in making the fabric have a flatter and smoother appearance. With this process, which improves the quality of the fabric, the gaps between the yarns are filled and the tightening process is carried out. In order to get maximum efficiency from these cylinders produced according to the size of the machine, you need to choose the appropriate size.

What is an Expander Cylinder?

The perfect realization of the fabric calendering process in garments is realized with expander roller materials. The existing fabric is tightened by the reciprocal movements of the rollers. This gives the fabric a better quality and attractive appearance. These rollers are needed for the calendering process to be carried out in the textile workshop. These rollers produced in European quality have a long service life.

These rollers made of A quality materials do not rust. These products, which do not cause any deformation in the natural structure of the fabric, are indispensable parts of the calendering process. In addition to flattening the fabric, it also performs transverse expansion processes successfully. It has a positive effect on both the appearance and quality of the fabric. With this material, flattening, expanding, smoothing processes are successfully performed.

Quality Expander Cylinder

Parts of industrial machines, which are known to be quite expensive, can often be sold for high amounts. At this point, the choice of quality products by responsible people allows them to use these parts for a long time. This is also the case for opener roller materials. The advantages of these rollers are utilized not only in the textile industry but also in the manufacture of paper, packaging, sacks and rubber products.

According to your area of use, you can choose the appropriate one of these products and increase the performance. It is possible to perform the calendering process flawlessly with expander cylinder products produced in specified sizes. Many production materials that need flattening, especially fabric, are successfully smoothed thanks to this assembly.

Technical Specifications

POL – 9595-10040-50
POL – 125125-13050-60
POL – 15015060
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