Calender Machine

In the textile sector, a number of machinery features are utilized to speed up processes and to produce quality workmanship.

Calender Machine

In the textile sector, the features of some machines are utilized to speed up the processes and to produce quality workmanship. Calender machine is one of these materials. This tool, which gives shine to the fabric, offers the indispensable service of the textile industry. These machines, which have an effective role in making the fabric look smoother and smoother, allow to close the gaps between the yarns. It ensures that the fabric has a smooth appearance and thus a better quality fabric is produced. The machine that enables the yarns to be compressed by combining temperature and pressures reveals successful textile activity.

With these mechanisms operating with the movements of the rollers, you can successfully perform the calendering process that you are responsible for. It plays an active role in ensuring that the fabrics you are responsible for processing have a whole and bright appearance. It is a very important detail that these machines are robust and durable. These machines are frequently used in textile workshops. Thanks to these systems that speed up the processes and add practicality to the current process, you can perform a perfect process in your workshop.

There are many machines used in the textile industry. These machines play a leading role in helping people achieve success at the end of the process. In order to obtain pieces with perfect fabric quality, these machines must operate smoothly. With these machines operated by individuals who are experts in their field, you can realize a perfect textile work in your workshop. With the machines that perform the calendering process, you can allow the fabrics to shine and have a healthy appearance. In this direction, the share of the calendering process in the production of quality products is quite large.

Calender Printing Machine

Many machines and auxiliary elements are used in textile workshops. In order for these mechanisms to provide professional service, it is recommended that they be of high quality and used correctly. The efficiency you will get from the machines you use by following the operating instructions will be at the maximum level.

Calender printing machine can be considered among the machines that should be used in this direction. These machines, which are effective in making the fabrics smooth and shiny, undertake an important mission for the textile market. Produced in different years, these machines also have different features. The differentiation of temperature and pressure values is one of the most important features that distinguish these machines from each other.

Calendering machines, which basically give the fabric a more aesthetic appearance, are found in many textile workshops. It ensures that the gaps between the yarns are filled and a more holistic appearance is obtained. A shiny appearance is obtained by passing the fabric between two rollers. One of these rollers must be large and one small. It is also important that one of the rollers is steel and the other is elastic. The fabric crushed by pressure becomes as flat and smooth as possible. This allows the fabric to be processed more easily.

You can speed up your textile activities with these machines, which have an important role in crushing the yarns into a whole. These machines also utilize temperature and pressure while processing. In direct proportion to the pressure, the success of the result obtained from the calendering process increases. For this reason, you can give your fabrics the smoothness and shine you want with a high-pressure machine. Using the machine in accordance with the instructions for use will increase the efficiency you will get from the machine, as well as providing the opportunity to use it for a long time.

Calender Machine Prices

The use of these machines with different structures and features increases with the developing technology. Many textile workshops go through calendering processes so that the fabrics they have can take on more eye-catching forms. This gives the fabric an aesthetic appearance. The structure of the fabric to be used during the calendering process, the cylinder size of the machine, the surfaces of the cylinders have important effects. For this reason, all factors should be taken into consideration when performing the process and the process should be carried out accordingly.

If you want to print during the calendering process; you need a machine that can perform the embossing calendering technique. In order to obtain mercerized brightness, glitter calendering processes are used. In order for all these applications to be carried out flawlessly, a quality machine is needed. If you want to produce a perfect work in your textile workshop without any process limitations, you can get one of these machines. You can bring professionalism to your textile activities with these machines that you process by following the instructions for use.

Within the developing technological opportunities, the textile sector also utilizes some machines in order to accelerate production. Calender machine is one of these machines. It is a very heavy and financially valuable mechanism. With this machine, the processes carried out in textile workshops become professional. If you want to speed up your current processes and produce more successful and better quality results, you can take advantage of the advantages of these machines. The production year, origin and technical features of these systems, which you can obtain at affordable prices, are among the factors affecting the price.

Teknik Özellikler

Maximum working pressure(kg/cm)250350450
Working speed (m/min)5-705-905-90
Maximum working width(mm)240040004000
Maximum working temperature (C°)200-250200-250200-250
Type of polyamide rollerKlasik / S-Roll / Nippo
Classic / S-Roll / Nippo
Klasik / S-Roll / Nippo
Classic / S-Roll / Nippo
Klasik / S-Roll / Nippo
Classic / S-Roll / Nippo
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